Where It Started

In the spring of 2020, right as the pandemic shut down businesses and uncertainty loomed for the months ahead, Terry Doyle (Open Collar Men) and Robin Bruner (Swell Sweets) met while opening new businesses on 2nd Avenue. Talk about bad timing – and they did! Regularly chatting to offer support and ideas to each other grew into an enthusiasm to meet with other owners in town. That summer, they met Craig & Christie Tolkairin (Revived Vintage) and the group regularly got together to share ideas and dream of ways to support the little town they all loved. 

A common conversation topic was feedback from customers – local people who shone a bright light on “shopping local” during that dark time. So often the group found that people were desperate for connection and were seeking a way to deepen the sense of community in the village. While various organizations existed for businesses and residents, such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Seniors Centre, there wasn’t anything happening to bring those parts of the community together for a common purpose. 

Terry often said, “Everyday I talk to younger, enthusiastic , talented retirees and residents – all looking to make this place vibrant! – and they have nowhere to come together. Why don’t we start something?”

So in the spring of 2021, they did. 

The team registered the Qualicum Beach Collective as a non-profit society and got to work. With a clear vision and mission, they began the groundwork for what they hope will make Qualicum Beach a connected community for years to come.

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